Project Execution Management
With the project delivery as the main line, it will help the company to optimize the production lead time and improve significantly the project delivery efficiency, by recording and presenting the planning and completion of the work, connecting the whole process information flow.

Transparent project process

Visualize the project progress and production issues, present business in real time by data, locate problems and improve the management.

Measurable delivery indicators

Establish an metric system that measures delivery level, assist in making effective action plans, and realize data-driven business.
Project Execution Management
Production Planning Scheduling
It helps to plan effectively the production, reduce waste caused by no plan or no effective plan, make full use the production capacity to drive the production flow.

Adjusted production plan

Enter the production plan according to planning schedule, adjust the production plan in situation, review the modification record, release the plan after production preparation.

Backtrack problem feedback

Record production problems according to the production plan, classify and record production problems, review historical records, record review and rectification details.
Production Planning Scheduling
Short Interval Management
It helps connection horizontally and vertically, open up the information channel and expose the problems, drive the solution of issues, and ensure the production and operation.

Quick and effective solution

It helps employees to prioritize actions, respond quickly to problems and identify opportunities for improvement and use limited time to focus on solving critical issues.

Improve employees' motivation

It helps to motivate front-line employees to be more creative and more responsible, prompting everyone to discover problems, solve problems, and improve continuously
Short Interval Management
Digital Namecard System
With the intelligent QR code as the entrance, the product "ID card" is built, and the same two-dimensional code of the internal and external users have different rights to realize the whole process and product life cycle traceability.

Digital ID for each product

Information integration and presentation specifically for the product dimension, transparent and visible throughout the cycle, and the problem is directly and efficiently traced back.

Life cycle information is fully correlated

By using the intelligent QR code for each product, the whole process information such as project, design, production, quality assurance, logistics and after-sales is connected.
Digital Namecard System
Suppliers Relationship Management
The suppliers relationship management platform is an enterprise interconnection platform with the full life cycle of suppliers. It covers the end-to-end overall procurement business and greatly facilitates the planning and deployment of the overall procurement strategy of enterprises to achieve the goal of reducing procurement cost, standardizing procurement business and improving procurement efficiency.

Purchasing cost transparency and optimization

Make transparent the cost of individual projects and individual products, combined with authority management. Combine requirements of multiple business unit to obtain preferential prices.Historical price analysis and forecasting help on new purchasing decision making.

Shorten the procurement cycle time

Accelerate the procurement execution process through online order information delivery, automatic contract generation, and online approval.
Suppliers Relationship Management
Field Service Management
Field service management is a full-process on-site service platform. While comprehensively improving the quality and efficiency of external services, it collects and classifies on-site issues in a decentralized manner, and continuously improves the quality of internal products.

Supervisor masters global dynamics

Supervisor masters global dynamics, team service resources and customer service order completion status, etc., to improve the management efficiency of field service engineers.

After-sales problem sharing knowledge base

Form a knowledge base of after-sales problem solutions, improve the ability of after-sales engineers to solve problems; fully expose the source of internal quality problems through big data, and help internal quality to improve.
Field Service Management
Decision Making System
By adopting OLAP (Online Analytical Processing), data service packages, statistical models, and metadata processing capabilities, information flow and resource sharing can be quickly and easily realized, and meaningful summary and analysis data can be provided to meet the needs of decision makers and managers.

Independent analysis, ad hoc querying

Visually access the data source and perform ETL processing, which is convenient for business personnel to conduct self-service exploration by OLAP analysts according to business needs, and fully exploit the value of data.

Multi-source integration, high performance

Support multi-data source association, build a unified data decision and management platform, and eliminate data islands. Support tens of millions of levels of data presentation and flexibly respond to the needs of large data processing.
Decision Making System
Product Design Module
All process documents are concatenated by data, and document lending and version management mechanisms are established to encourage knowledge sharing,to and improve work efficiency for design. Digital assets of the company could be effectively maintained and utilized.

File management and sharing

Document the project files, implement efficient state management, establish an application permission system and borrowing mechanism, and promote knowledge sharing.

Project documentation digitization

In the cloud, the documents are backed up and archived according to the project and category in time, and the data is efficiently transferred by digital means to ensure the synchronization of information in all aspects of the project, and it is also convenient for subsequent effective use.
Product Design Module

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