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Industics·Product design module

Project documents are managed in a timely manner to maintain the core digital assets of electrical companies.

Industry Status
Industry Status
Industics·What can a product design module bring?
First, create an enterprise knowledge base platform
Through cloud deployment, business documents are classified and archived, and valuable documents are classified and archived from multiple dimensions to form an enterprise-owned knowledge base, complete knowledge precipitation, and create a learning organization.
Second, realize the paperless office
Support multiple formats of documents online storage, according to the type of document and business type, users can customize multiple document approval processes, each approval process can have different stages. The flow of documents is controlled by multiple departments according to a predetermined process, and the documents are directly approved by the background and the mobile terminal, instead of the manual mode of the paper document manual running approval process.
Third, build a transparent collaborative environment
Each document library can set the schema and hierarchy of its documents and the access, sharing and lending mechanisms of different users to different documents. Synchronize file access and change information within the organization to provide a transparent collaborative environment.