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Industics·Short Interval Management

Optimal management of useful information flow with minimum meeting time and solve problems quickly at the right time

Industry Status
Industry Status
"Managers" receive a lot of information frequently every day and often makes sloppy decisions because of lack of information.They often spend too much time on meetings. Many constructive suggestions have not been feedback to decision makers. Managers cannot understand the problems of employees, and cannot solve them quickly. Information communication is not smooth enough, the cooperation of various departments is not efficient, therefore production efficiency is poor.
Such companies need a comprehensive problem management system: a management system that focuses on solving problems and mangement efficiency.
Industics·What does Short Interval Management Module bring?
The short interval management module is based on a perfect real-time management system. Combining the existing production system and unique organizational structure of the factory, it establishes an effective information transmission channel. It collects and reflects various problems in the production process in real time, and provides a complete database and solution for cross-function collaboration and management-level decision making. It helps significantly improve the quality and efficiency of meetings, and realize the systematic information management and information intelligence within the company.
Short Interval Management Module