Industrial manufacturing upgrade solution highlights

Aiming at enhancing the core competitiveness of the company, taking the mission of customer success, we help our customers to upgrade its overall ability by improving the ability of production and delivery.

Industics Platform
Production system upgrade service
Talent development and training
Experts focus on discret manufacturing industry
Dip Dyeing in industry for many years, we ahave a team of experienced experts, who understand business needs as well as the production scene.
Industrial scene capability to rapidly replicate
Provide customers with industry-leading traction analysis to shorten the cycle of industrial intelligence application development and deployment.
Digital products carrying industrial systems
Based on the classic Toyota production system, combined with the vertical industry characteristics, we provide users with a friendly and convenient interactive environment and industrial knowledge underneath.
Deeply customized data scientist services
A global vision, practical and experienced data scientist, who can go deep into the front line, and truly understand business needs and the production scene to exposure problems.


Focus on manufacturing production platform for discrete manufacturing industry. Provide one-stop solution for digital factory + lean production system

Our Customers

Cooperative College
The first strategic partner on digital innovation in discrete manufacturing industry in China