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Industics·Project Execution Management

Focus on project, form a more transparent and more efficient project management and ETO production optimization

Industry Status
Industry Status
In an ETO production process, the project changes frequently. The precise cooperation and communication of different departments are required. The usual working idea of the industry is to work closely and strengthen the communication and coordination offline. Often the paper order is used for planning, quality control and production record. This will result in a series of communication efficiency problems, leading to a lack of effective planning, monitoring and project implementation. Correspondingly, customers are also lacking transparency so that customer satisfaction is difficult to improve.
Industics·What does Project Execution Management Module bring?
The project management module takes the project delivery as the main line, with the semi-automatic planning of the standard lead time of the company. It visualizes the progress of each session, automatically alarms on the project delay, solidifies the project management experience, and opens up the whole process information flow to help the company to optimize ETO (Engineering to Order) production lead time, flexibly respond to project changes, significantly improve project delivery efficiency.
Project Execution Management Module