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Industics·Field Service Management Module

Focusing on the field service management business, the closed-loop service platform runs through the whole process,
improve service efficiency by improving data-driven quality and exploiting secondary sales opportunities

field service management business challenges:
business challenges
Industics·What can the field service management module bring?
Industics·Field service management Module:
- On the one hand, realize the digital management of the whole field service management process, follow up the closed loop from receiving orders, sending orders to service orders, use modern means to solve the most efficient connection between service resources and customer demands, and improve customer satisfaction significantly.
- At a deeper level, build the architecture of the data-driven business. Service data form Shared knowledge encyclopedia to improve the one-time success rate of service personnel in solving problems. On the other hand, complete terminal customer files are formed to explore business opportunities for service-oriented sales/secondary sales.
Field service management Module
Field service management module for the digital factory:
As the last link of production and delivery in manufacturing enterprises, field service management is also the most close contact with customers. For example, seamless information collaboration can be generated in production process, product, sales, design and other links to give greater value to the whole enterprise