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Industics·Suppliers relationship management Module

An enterprise cooperation platform for connectivity
Achieve efficient and win-win lifecycle of procurement supply chain management

Ten questions?- Procurement and suppliers relationship management
Ten questions
In recent years, most enterprises have gradually implemented ERP and completed most purchasing behaviors. However, ERP is only an ultimate recording tool for purchasing departments, and more important business logic processes such as how to set prices and manage suppliers are all missing.
In addition, the traditional ERP is relatively closed and complicated to operate, which also makes most purchasers devote their whole life to the daily work of delivering purchase orders and urging goods, completely ignoring the more important management strategy thinking and personal growth.
Therefore, it is very urgent to upgrade the work of procurement and suppliers relationship management.
Industics·What can the suppliers relationship management module bring?
suppliers relationship management module
Industics·Whole life cycle of suppliers relationship management module is a supplier of enterprise connectivity platform, can do it with the traditional enterprise ERP standard of data interface, covering the end-to-end overall procurement business at the same time, great power enterprise purchase the overall strategic planning and deployment, to reduce procurement cost, shorten the procurement cycle and improve the efficiency of purchasing target.