Customer story·Wuhan Shenglong Electric Group Co., Ltd.

To increase delivery capacity to remain competitive in a brutal market environment
Shenglong Electric and Industics carried out strategic deep cooperation, system introduction, soft and hard, and opened a profound industrial digital transformation.

Company Background
Wuhan Shenglong Electric Group Co., Ltd.,Industry leader and legend in marketing. The rapid development of sales is facing increasing pressure on order delivery, which has seriously hindered the further development of enterprises.
(Wuhan Shenglong Electric Group Co., Ltd.)
Subverting traditional production methods
1. Create a production line from scratch
2. With the sample production line as the core, we will create a distribution line, production plan, full-process digital system, Kanban, And-on and other ancillary services.
3. After the sample line runs smoothly, the copy is extended to the entire factory.
(Shenglong Electric Digital Transformation Record)
Industrialization and information integration
1. Building an information framework for customer companies
2. Eliminate existing data silos through a digital system that runs through the entire production process, while establishing a comprehensive data channel to make the information flow channel smooth
3. Integrate information and industrial equipment to enhance the overall intelligence of the plant
(President Xie Hongchao introduces digital namecard system in Shengbo Fair)
Data Driven Continuous Manufacturing Upgrade
1. Integrate information flow data, build a business intelligence BI platform, let data value front, support decision
2. Based on PDCA methodology, use data analysis to find problems, solve problems, and verify the problem in cycle
(Industics Co., Ltd. industics full process digital product)
To teach one how to fish rather than just giving one a fish.
1. Helping clients develop a professional industrial improvement elite team, able to gradually build up support skills in the follow-up.
2. Help customers build intelligent manufacturing colleges, establish curriculum systems, training systems, and develop and import corresponding online learning systems and assessment systems to help customers build strong endogenous capabilities.
(Expert from Industics Co., Ltd. on-site training)
Service outcome
1. The first practical production line of domestic large-scale complete sets of plants.
2. Project management, design management, suppliers relationship management, field service management, SIM issues and other digital systems.
3. High-pressure cabinet type assembly production efficiency increased by more than 50%, and increased on-time delivery rate by 45%
4. Good product rate improvement by 15%, and quality cost drops more than 5%
(High voltage pipeline--"Liu xueyin" pipeline)
(Liu, leader of production line, introduces iSIM system)
Investing resources
1. 3 months of in-depth research
2. Up to 12 months of continuous service
3. 2 industrial experts stationed in the factory
4. 10+ industrial expert counseling consultation
5. 15+ R&D team
6. 3+ Product Manager